ValueHuntr Turns 1: Annual Update

April 5, 2010 · 5 Comments

This week we mark an important milestone in the short history of our financial blog: we mark our 1st anniversary. Over the course of our first year, we have had over 150K visitors from over 45 countries, over 200 regular subscribers, and over 300 comments. We hope that the year to come is as successful, if not more, as our first.

Originally, our ValueHuntr Portfolio was created as a way of keeping track of ridiculously cheap investment opportunities, particularly in corporate liquidations, that we were spotting on March of 2009. But as these became less frequent, the portfolio expanded to other strategies, such as Spin-Offs, Merger Arbitrage, and Net Current Asset Value plays (mostly net cash), Generals (earnings driven).

Following is a summary of our investment picks since the inception of  our ValueHuntr Portfolio  (as of April 1st, 2010)

It is important to note that although focusing on small caps may be perceived as inherently risky, our focus on situations where there is clearly an asymmetric payoff keeps risk (defined as the probability of loss) at a minimum. It is our opinion that our picks are as close as it gets to pure arbitrage, which is impossible  according to EMH.

On a side note, ValueHuntr (the person behind the blog, also our chief stock picker) is currently looking for summer opportunities at hedge funds, mutual funds, family offices, etc. So if you are aware of any opportunities, shoot us an email at

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