Francisco Parames To Speak at NYC Value Investing Congress

The Value Investing Congress has just announced that Francisco Paramès of Bestinver Asset Management will speak at the New York City Value Investing Congress scheduled for October 12 and 13.  According to John Schwartz, co-founder of the Value Investing Congress, Mr. Paramès has been called “The Warren Buffett of Spain” due to his impressive historical returns.  The following biographical information on Mr. Paramès is from the Value Investing Congress website:

Francisco Garcia Paramès is the CIO of Bestinver Asset Management ($4.6 Billion AUM). Mr Paramés joined Bestinver in 1989 as a stock analyst, but his passion for investing led him to the asset management area and soon after, he was named CIO.

Self-taught, his management style is based on the strict application of value investing principles, within a framework of a profound knowledge of the Austrian theory of economic cycles.

In 2009 Morningstar elected him as the Best European Manager in European Equities due to his historical returns (16.9% annualized in Spanish equities over the last 18 years and 9.7% annualized in global equities over the last 12 years) and consistency of his investment philosophy.

Mr. Parames has an Economics degree from the Universidad Complutense and holds an MBA from IESE Business School (Madrid – Spain).

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