Common Sense Investing: The Papers of Benjamin Graham

It took me over a year to do this, but after many trips to the NYC research library I’ve finally compiled over 40 papers originally written by Benjamin Graham into an easy-to-read book format. These papers are not part of either Intelligent Investor nor Security Analysis. The papers range from 1930 to 1974, basically Ben Graham’s entire professional life. Enjoy!

15 Responses to Common Sense Investing: The Papers of Benjamin Graham

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  2. Awesome. Great to see how he predicted the advent of indexing. His theories on the efficient markets are well known but I like he stipulates it here. I also love his critique on beta.

    Thanks for the work!

  3. Jacob Wolinsky

    Wow great work, thanks so much for putting this all together.

  4. Really nice. Thanks :D

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  6. Valuehuntr– you are generous and amazing. Thank you for the early Christmas gift!

  7. Fabulous work! Much appreciated. Your hard work makes it easier for us.

  8. This is really cool. Thanks.

    One thing I kept thinking about while reading – it would be interesting to know the approx. date of when each paper was written if that info is available.

    Awesome stuff. Thanks again.

  9. thank you so much for this

  10. Thanks.
    Perhaps I’m missing it, but apart from ’1974′ at the end none of the papers seems to carry its date.

  11. Robert Jackson, Augusta GA

    Excellent work on this compilation. Thank you!

  12. Thanks, so much for sharing!

  13. Thanks a lot for doing this. I read this over the course of three days and enjoyed the material. I appreciate the efforts. Did you type all of this? There were one or two places where a few lines were repeated. And at the start, there was a few para repeated. Thought i will let you know.

  14. Thank you for the compilation. It is going to be a great evening reading for me !

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